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Match4 is a project developed by a team of marketing experts with multiple experiences in international realities and that have promoted the Made in Italy in foreign markets hands-on.

The Portal is the result of years of experience, as well as love declaration for the Italian product. With this in mind, our team works every day to open new ways for Italian companies to reach new and promising markets.

Match4 | Africa
Architecture & Design


Business Fields

Italian Style is the leading factor for the development of different sectors in the Italian economy. From furniture to haute couture, from design to cooking culture, from landscaping to craftmanship, Made in Italy is still and ever growing.

& Design

Italian Excellence as a tradition

Italian Architecture and Design panorama is astonishing, different and ever-changing, always confirming the marked sensibility and genius represented by inventing new objects and place to live and to be lived.

Match4 | Africa Architecture & Design

Focus start February 2021 - Focus deadline January 2022

Match4 | Asia Architecture & Design

Focus start May 2021 - Focus end April 2022

Match4 | Canada Architecture & Design

Focus start September 2021 - Focus end August 2022


Fashion & Luxury

The beauty of Italian Style

Italian design and haute couture have always been a winning combination worldwide. The Italian taste for fashion is renowned everywhere as one of the excellencies of our Country.



Enhance the food culture Made in Italy

Italian food products reach the most varied international markets with great success, as they are highly competitive both as quality and as food safety. This production field represents a major strength for Italian exports, representing more than 60% of the whole agricultural exports, for a rough estimate of more then 12,6 billion of euros.

Match4 | Africa Agri Food

Focus start September 2021 - Focus end August 2022



Italian creativity and innovation

Italy is a Country of excellencies in the innovation and technologies sectors. Innovation is the key to get to the future, profiting of the technological discoveries to improve everyday life. Creativity is a decisive factor for Enterprises to invest on, to enhance their competitiveness and productivity and to keep up with scientific and technological progress.

Match4 | Africa Technologies

Focus start May 2021 - Focus end April 2022


Energy & Environment

Sustainability and environment protection

Most governments around the globe have integrated environment protection programs in their budgets, in particular concerning green energy, transportation and economic development. Energetic sustainability has become a pulling force for the economies around the globe.


Medical &
Body Care

Health and Wellness in Italy

Health-related economy covers 11% of the PIL. Medical & Body Care segment is able to provide instruments and excellencies also for people outside Italy.


Business Matching
for excellencies

An innovative proposal for the development of business relations between Italian Companies and International Buyers


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