Medinit | EXPO

The Italian Design Exhibition aimed at the Moroccan market

CASABLANCA 18 – 19 October 2023

Richiesta di partecipazione

XII Italian Design exhibition

For this particular edition we have developed a smart program. The event is reserved to an audience of 15 Companies.


Two days of personalized meetings with Moroccan operators: architects, importers, contractors.


The Companies will be able to present the products through small samples and catalogues, there will be no booth

Medinit Expo Medinit Expo Medinit Expo Medinit Expo Medinit Expo Medinit Expo

Médinit Expo is the gateway to Africa by more than 10+ years

Why Exhibit?

Italy entertain business exchanges with Morocco worth more than 2 billion of euros, making it the third major business partner for the Kingdom of Morocco.

A stable political climate

Morocco is governed by a Monarchy founded in 788 d.C. that has more than 12 centuries of history. In 2011 it was adopted, following a referendum, a new Constitution that underlines the following principles :
- Plurality of the Moroccan identities
- Rule of law
- Individual and collective freedom
- Human rights

Médinit pour l’Afrique

It’s a project started 5 years ago with the aim to expand the business opportunities outside the borders of the Kingdom of Morocco and to make Médinit Expo the reference exhibition for Made in Italy in Africa. For this reasons, since 2013, operators from West Africa have been involved, visiting the event and meeting the Italian Companies and their Moroccan partners. The Kingdom of Morocco is more and more the gateway for the Africa.

Africa and High-level Projects

Major World Companies look at Africa as a priority business area for the next 10 years. A lot of Italian Companies are stuck in stereotypes shared by social media – disasters, poverty, lack of culture. On the contrary, these Countries are looking for a big development, and they are achieving it. Nowadays, based to the Global Construction Report, the most interesting Countries in terms of infrastuctural development remain the Kingdom of Morocco and Nigeria, where the governemnts has started some reforms and liberalizations projects.

Economic potential

By 2050, the economy of Africa will grow 10 times more than today. Six of the ten most growing economies in the last decade are in Africa. The growth of the consumer society has pushed the development of the commercial demand and of the local production, allowing the raise of the midium class.


The exhibition is realized in partnership and with the patronage of the local Italian Istitutions